manages the Business Improvement District (BID) covering 45 streets and over 600 businesses and organisations located in the Angel, Islington.

Established in 2007, is responsible for the Angel, creating a sense of place and urban environment that encourages inward investment and attracts business. 

Our core work is made up of four key ‘tenets’ – Safer, Cleaner, Brighter and Stronger.

Safer – we pay for the Angel Police Team made up of eight Metropolitan Police Officers and a Sergeant, whose sole responsibility is to tackle crime in the Angel BID.

Cleaner – we manage the urban environment of the Angel.  From daily rubbish collections to graffiti removal and from street cleaning to recycling services, we care for our Angel.

Brighter – we ‘shine a light’ on the Angel, both literally and figuratively; from installing hanging baskets in the summer to Christmas lights in the winter. We also promote the area to the thousands of visitors who come to the Angel each year.

Stronger – we bring people together to make the Angel a better place to do business.  We strategically plan, lobby, encourage and engage on behalf of our BID levy payers to create the strongest and best business environment possible.


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