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Do you want to promote your business to the local worker market to encourage new and repeat custom?

The halo scheme for local employees gives you the opportunity to do this by providing an offer for inclusion in the scheme.  PLEASE NOTE: only businesses within the Angel Business Improvement District can submit offers for the halo scheme.

halo offers will be promoted via a dedicated website ( and through e-communications and social media.

halo offers will only by available to local employees who have applied for, and received, a free halo card.  halo cardholders will be able to take advantage of the offer you have provided (in line with the T&Cs) by showing their unique halo card at your business or when booking. 

The Questions & Answers below provide more information on halo:

Why are we developing the halo scheme?

Feedback from many customer-facing businesses in the Angel is that they are keen to offer promotions to local workers to boost trade, particularly in off-peak periods.  However many businesses have highlighted that is has been difficult to do this effectively with limited budgets and resources.

Similarly, feedback from our larger organisations is that they are keen to have a scheme that provides an added benefit to their employees, encouraging them to spend in the local economy.

The halo scheme provides an effective mechanism to bridge the gap between local businesses and local area.

Who is the halo scheme aimed at?

halo is an offer scheme for all those who work in the Angel.  There are approximately 17,000 employees working in the Angel BID area and the halo scheme is for these local employees.  In due course the scheme may be extended to those living and studying in the Angel.

What are the benefits of being part of the halo scheme?

halo will give you the opportunity to boost off-peak trade, fill spare capacity and encourage new and repeat business.

Even if a halo cardholder doesn’t use a particular offer, halo provides an extra ‘marketing channel’ for your business.  Your business will be more visible to potential customers through exposure on the website and in marketing communications.

The halo scheme provides a wider benefit to the Angel as it encourages workers to spend in the local economy rather than go elsewhere.

How does the halo scheme work?

Any employee working in the Angel can apply for a free halo card by logging on to and completing the simple online registration process.

After eligibility checks are made, a halo card will then be delivered to the individual (for Apple iPhone users, a digital version of the card will be also available for the Apple Wallet).

On receipt of their halo card, an individual can take advantage of offers promoted via the website by showing their card at their chosen venue. 

Is there a cost to participate in the halo scheme?

No.  There is no cost for you to participate in the halo scheme. The only ‘cost’ is for the offer you would like to provide. is funding the complete scheme including all development, management and marketing.

What kind of offer can I provide for the halo scheme?

This is up to you.  An offer could be a simple percentage discount (i.e. 20% off spa treatments, a ‘value added’ offer (i.e. free glass of wine with a meal), special ticket price (i.e. £10 seats for a show) or a set package price (i.e. meal for £15).

Terms & conditions relating to any particular offer will be displayed as part of the offer details on the website.  It will be your responsibility to ensure staff are aware of your participation in the halo scheme and offer details and validity.

How will my halo offer get promoted?

A dedicated website,, has been created for the halo scheme.  All offers will be published on this site and halo cardholders will be able to view offers.  Additionally, offers will be promoted to halo cardholders via dedicated e-communications and social media. 

Can I provide more than one offer for the halo scheme?

Yes.  You can provide up to three offers for the halo scheme at any one time.

Does my offer have to be exclusive to the halo scheme?

No.  You can promote an offer in the halo scheme that you have elsewhere.  The key thing to note is that halo offers need to be attractive to the target audience.

Can I change or remove my halo offer at any time?

Yes.  You can change or remove your halo offer in accordance with business trends, seasons, new menus etc.

However it is important to ensure that halo cardholders have an opportunity to use an offer before it is changed. In this respect, any offer submitted to the halo scheme must be valid for at least four weeks.

You will be able to request changes / removal by contacting (full contact details will be provided on submission of an offer).

Can my offer be limited to specific days, times or dates?

Yes.  Any offer you provide can be limited to specific days (i.e. Monday to Friday) or times (i.e. lunchtimes) that you wish.  Offers can also be ‘date limited’ meaning that they will automatically expire after a certain date (however, please see minimum offer duration requirements above).

Terms & conditions relating to any particular offer will be displayed as part of the offer details on the website.

How do I provide an offer for the halo scheme?

If you would like to provide an offer for the halo scheme, please email and we will contact you to go through the details and collect the required information from you (see below).

What information will I need to provide for an offer to go on the halo scheme?

You will need to provide a short description of your offer and T&C’s, a landscape image, your business logo and your website address.

How quickly will my offer by put onto the halo website?

Please allow at least seven working days for your submitted offer to be put onto  This time allows us to upload the offer and send through to you to check all the T&Cs.

If you have any other queries or questions regarding the halo offer scheme, please email or call 020 7288 4377.


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